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Lost in Space: The Kayvonfar's Testimony

From War of the Worlds to Star Trek; E.T. to the X-Files, mankind has always been intrigued by the mysteries of the universe and throughout history has linked its wonders with religion. But even though our technology and space exploration have become more advanced and informed, people still incorporate science fiction with religious practices. Hard to believe and yet just last year we witnessed this first hand through the Heaven's Gate mass suicide. How could people be so misled?

Two years ago, Melissa Kayvonfar was going about her daily routine when two Mormon missionaries came by for a brief visit. They left their information and for six or seven months that followed, they became frequent guests in James and Melissa's home. Their message was simple-good morals and strong family values.

Melissa, raised as a Baptist and James a Methodist, both had their questions about the Mormon Church. But the missionaries answered all of their questions through scripture and other texts, and some months later, the Kayvonfars were baptized into the Mormon Church.

About a year into their involvement, James and Melissa were invited to a Christian concert. It promised to be a fun evening so they invited their two Mormon missionary friends to go as well. James recalled, "this was really the first time we had encountered any confrontation from the Christian community." Bob Waldrep from Watchman Fellowship introduced himself and started asking some very disturbing questions right in the middle of the concert! The two missionaries quickly escorted the Kayvonfars away.

In retrospect, James admits there was something that just wasn't quite right about the church. But he traveled extensively and didn't have time to deal with his misgivings. Melissa, having the same questions, began seeking information via the Internet about the Mormon Church.

Several months later Melissa saw Bob being interviewed on ABC's Nightline concerning the Heaven's Gate suicides and remembered him from the concert. She asked her neighbor, Kevin Derryberry, a supporter of Watchman Fellowship, if he could set up a meeting with Bob. He quickly did so.

James and Melissa met with Bob, who outlined some of the questionable Mormon doctrines. Did you know if you lead a moral and pure life, when you die you would become the god of another planet? And did you know that God became a man, came down from heaven and had sexual intercourse with Mary, which produced the baby Jesus? Once revealed, it was these two doctrinal beliefs that led the Kayvonfars to leave the Mormon Church.

Now active in a Christian church, the Kayvonfars are grateful for the church that held the concert, the neighbor who cared enough to invite them, and Watchman Fellowship for letting God use them. It is their desire to be the same help for their Mormon friends.

This article was excerpted from the March 1998 Vantage Point.

For more information on Mormonism, please visit our web catalog; or click here to order a free information packet.