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The Profile Notebook on CD-ROM

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Profile NotebookOnly $39.95, this 312 page-plus binder includes over 75 Profiles. Also available as CD-ROM or Download!

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WIRE:  Watchman Institute of Religious Evangelism

Through our Institute of Religious Evangelism we offer ongoing education in cult apologetics. Although the WIRE is open to anyone interested in an in-depth understanding of the cults, we particularly seek to train lay people and church staff who desire to be a ministry resource in their own local church.

Equipping people to be a resource for your church by…

  1. Leading ongoing cult education in Sunday School, Discipleship Training, Small Groups, etc..
  2. Providing follow-up evangelism to those in cults, including friends and family members of those in your congregation.
  3. Networking with other individuals and churches to develop a strategy for ongoing ministry to the cults.



  • Mormonism (Joseph Smith; Book of Mormon; Mormon beliefs).
  • Jehovah's Witnesses (Watchtower authority; false prophecies; beliefs).
  • Other aberrant Christian-based groups (e.g., Adventism, Armstrongism).
  • Defending the Christian View of the Bible (translation, sole authority).
  • Defending the Christian View of God (nature of God; the Trinity).
  • Defending the Christian Gospel (Christ's death, resurrection, grace, faith).


  • Before the New Age Movement (Eastern religions, paganism, occultism).
  • The New Age Movement (meaning and influence; biblical response).
  • Fringes of the New Age Movement (e.g., Scientology, UFO cults, Wicca).
  • Non-Christian new religions (e.g., Baha'i, Nation of Islam, Hare Krishna's).
  • Christian-based news religions (e.g., the Moonies, The Family).
  • Heretical forms of Pentecostalism (Oneness Pentecostalism; the Word-Faith Movement).


  • Advanced studies of Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, the New Age Movement and the Word-Faith Movement.