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The Profile Notebook on CD-ROM

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Profile Notebook

Profile NotebookOnly $39.95, this 312 page-plus binder includes over 75 Profiles. Also available as CD-ROM or Download!

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Resource Center

We are pleased to offer a number of resources to help with your questions or in your research, or in the case of our Entertainment Book to help you save money on your leisure activities. Just click the link below that best fits your need. At the bottom of the page is a brief description of each of these links.

Are you interested in continuing your study of cults and religious movements? Need a quick reference to have on hand when the Mormon or Jehovah's Witness shows up at your door? Browse our selection of recommended books, audiotapes, and videotapes arranged by subject matter.
Information Packets
These collections of research articles and training materials related to specific cults or religious movements are intended to supplement the information provided by this website. They are provided free of charge upon request through the generosity of our ministry partners.
Entertainment Book
Are you looking for something to do tonight? The Birmingham Entertainment Book contains coupons for local restaurants (from fine dining to casual and fast food) as well as discounts on local attractions (movie tickets, bowling, etc.), and if you want to travel, you will find national discounts on hotels, car rentals, airline tickets, etc. With your purchase of this book, you will find many ways to save money while enjoying some fine entertainment, and a portion of your purchase price will go to help Watchman minister to others.
Don’t live in Alabama but would still like to order an Entertainment Book for the area where you live? Click here for availability and ordering information.