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Engaging the Culture: Breaking the Code

Engaging the Culture: Breaking the Code

Discover the facts behind the New York Times bestseller . . .Dan Brown’s blockbuster novel, The Da Vinci Code, offers more than interesting characters and an intriguing plot—it presents itself as a factual account of truths suppressed for centuries by the Christian Church! The Da Vinci Code’s claims strike at the heart of orthodox Christianity:

  • The Bible is a unreliable document fabricated by mere men.
  • The Gnostic Gospels give a true account of Jesus’ life and teachings.
  • Jesus was only a man, not God incarnate.
  • Jesus married Mary Magdalene, who bore him a child.
  • Jesus’ mission was to restore the worship of the Mother Goddess.
  • Sexual intercourse is the way to commune directly with God.

Clearly Dan Brown’s perspective is radically different from that of traditional Christianity. But who is right? In this four-lecture series, Bob Waldrep of Watchman Fellowship examines the controversial claims of The Da Vinci Code, exposing Dan Brown’s deceptions with the light of Scripture and scholarship.

For more information on Watchman's response to Dan Brown and The Da Vinci Code, please click here!