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The Profile Notebook on CD-ROM

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Profile Notebook

Profile NotebookOnly $39.95, this 312 page-plus binder includes over 75 Profiles. Also available as CD-ROM or Download!

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You can now make your gifts to Watchman using our secure online donation form. This form will accept payments using your American Express, Discover, Master Card, and Visa credit cards. Click here to access this form.

Help Us Help Others!

Watchman Fellowship, Inc., is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. We are able to pursue our educational and evangelistic goals through the charitable contributions of our supporters. All gifts given to Watchman Fellowship are fully Tax-Deductible in the United States to the extent permitted by law. If you would like to know more about how your gifts will be used, please click here.

But Why Watchman?!?

If you are like us, you have many opportunities every month to make a charitable gift to some organization. Surely every time you face such a decision, you ask yourself why? Why should you give to this or that organization?

Who wouldn't want to see cancer or AIDS cured; or feed the hungry in the world? There are many worthy causes, but only so many dollars to go around! Why should you choose to give your dollars to Watchman?

We believe that a person's need to know God and be rightly related to Him is the most important need they have! More important even than their physical health or well-being. The only WAY that we can know God is through His son, Jesus.

Watchman Provides a Crucial Service

"In a day when Satan's counterfeits are deceiving thousands of nominal Christians, Watchman Fellowship is providing a crucial service for those who desire to know what genuine Christianity is." Dr. Norman Geisler

We are committed to sharing the Good News about Jesus Christ with others. Many of the people we share Christ with are hopelessly mired in false religions, and they need someone who understands the teachings of their religion and how it differs from Christianity. Watchman is one of the few ministries that can fill this need. In fact, some of our staff were first introduced to Watchman while they were searching for the truth as members of non-Christian religions. Here is a quote by our President from the Arlington Morning News:

Mr. Walker converted to Christianity in 1976. He says he sometimes found it difficult to determine whether what he had learned was from the Bible or from a nonbiblical source.

"I went to a Christian bookstore in Columbus, Ga., and the salesclerk told me about the Watchman Fellowship," a new organization that provided materials on Christianity and so-called cults, he says. "About six months later, I was helping at book tables, answering questions for Watchman."

We are able to reach people that other ministries might not be able to reach, and many of these people are desperate for help! Witness the following stories:

James sent me literature on Jehovah’s Witnesses about one year ago…. I was a Jehovah’s Witnesses [and] I was suicidal. But I read every book and every piece of literature you sent me. I want to say thank you. Because of you I am free — Thank you Jesus! Janice

I was involved in Scientology for fifteen years and was referred to your group by Janis Hutchinson who is the author of the book Out of the Cults and Into the Church. I really appreciate the information you sent me. I am in a Bible study and getting some help from a Christian counselor, who I am having to educate about Scientology, but I feel much relief. What amazes me is now that I'm seeking God's will and not my own my life has taken on a fullness and completeness in feeling. I am so grateful for your words the day that I called and for the help you gave. I will pray for your work. Anonymous

You helped me last October when my husband took my six-year old son to join the Overcomers in South Carolina. I don't know if you remember me or not, but I greatly appreciate your help. I did get my son back within 10 days. I have been wanting to write and thank you for everything you did.

I also talked with you about what a cult was and that it is not necessarily a different religious belief but a belief that is destructive to a person. I would like information in what ways Jehovah's Witnesses are destructive.

I would like to send you more, but this crisis wiped me out financially. I hope to send more soon. Thanks for your help. Anonymous