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Our mission . . .

. . . since 1979, has been to fill a crucial need in the Church as a Christian counter-cult* and watchdog ministry.  We have three primary goals:  to educate the community, to equip the church, and to evangelize the cults.

Educate the Community

Watchman Fellowship impacts local communities through educational conferences, mass mailings and the media. An important aspect of educating the community comes through those who receive our training. Our goal is to leave behind trained believers to continue the work in their area long after we leave.

Equipping the Church

Our foremost responsibility is to the Church. Jesus warned us to "beware of the false prophets." How can one beware unless one is first aware? By equipping the Church, we accomplish our other goals: equipping Christians to evangelize the cultist and to educate their neighbor against deception.

Evangelizing the Cults

Watchman Fellowship is actively involved in counseling and witnessing to those involved in cults. This is accomplished by a variety of methods such as mission projects, pre-recorded telephone messages, warning ads in local newspapers, and by one-on-one or small group visits.  Much of the evangelism is being done in the homes of believers who have been trained by our staff to share their faith with those who are recruiting for the cults.

*The fact that we maintain a file on these groups does not necessarily mean that we classify them as cults, but it does mean that we have received questions or complaints about them.