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2003 Bragan-Stegall Memorial Golf Classic

And now for something totally different...

Have you ever had a friend who played in a charity golf tournament? Did you think to yourself, "Why should (s)he get the day off to play golf while I am hard at work on the job?"

That is certainly a fair question. In fact, it made us wonder if those who play in the Bragan-Stegall Memorial Golf Classic (BSMGC) might be able to raise more funds by working at their jobs rather than by hitting a tiny, white ball.

So with that in mind, this Columbus Day we are going to try and keep our golfers on the job and off the golf course with a Non-Golf Tournament. The object of this tournament is for the golfer to actually turn down a free day of golf. We feel certain that if we can get enough people to support our golfers, they will stay off the course and on the job. us after Columbus Day, and we will let you know if our golfers were able to resist the allure of their golf clubs and the tiny white ball to keep their commitment!